Exhibits Guide

> Exhibits Profile
1. Design Institutes and Contractors of Roof Greening;
2. Roof System Engineering & Green Wall materials;
3. Storage & Drainage system: single (double) side storage and drainage plate, drainage pipe and layer materials;
4. Waterproof Materials: Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) plastic sheets for waterproofing, SBS modified asphalt waterproof roll roofing, APP plastomer modified asphalt waterproof roll roofing, PVC waterproof roll roofing;
5. Overhead & Separation materials: Plastic hydrophobic and overhead plate, ecological overhead plate, overhead net, grass lattice;
6. Root isolation & isolation and filter material: various root isolation materials and membrane, moisture retention blanket, water retention agent, Geo textiles, Geo non-woven cloth;
7. Vertical greening containers, Water permeation flowerpot;
8. Planted medium: lightweight mixed nutrient soil、lightweight long-acting nutrient soil、lightweight humus soil、synthetic soil;
9. Heat Preservation& Insulation Material: XPS board, polystyrene board, polystyrene, polyurethaneform materials;
10.Roof vegetable and fruit planting system;

> Target Visitors from

City governors, Bureau of plan, construction, garden & tour, Developers, Landscape and Municipal Contractors, Landscape Architects, Building Decoration Companies, Operators of Hotels, Leisure Parks, Holiday Villages and Sports Areas, Property Managements of Commercial and Residential Estates, New technology developers, Traders and Buyers; Building Material Distributors, Villa Buyers, etc

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